Where your journey begins...

Dear Friend, 

Working at Highlands is an incredible experience and we hope that God is calling you to serve as a part of this amazing team.  We are constantly creative,  determined to grow, stubbornly optimistic, fervently dedicated, and unwaveringly committed to following Jesus.  This church is about drawing people into a dynamic and life-giving relationship with one another and God.  It is about sharing God's love with every person that we can and continually working to expand our community, invite more people to the table and, most of all, raising up the next generation of Christ-followers and leaders.  

Whenever you apply for a new position you are putting yourself out there and submitting humbly as you seek God's discernment in your life.  I remember my mom once said to me, "You can't say 'no' to a job unless they offer you the position."  That was her way of saying that the only way I can truly know if I'm the right person for a job is to apply and to enter the conversation and to put myself out there.  So, please apply.  Let me discuss God's voice in your life and where you feel called to serve.  Let's talk about working at Highlands and about your heart for ministry.  Let's talk about how God is working in your life and let's listen together for God's voice.

I can honestly say that this is the best job that I have ever had and that this is the best team I've ever had the opportunity of working with.  Being a part of the staff of Highlands is like being a part of a family.  We support each other,  We walk through life together.  We pray together.  And everything we do, we do together as a team.  

If you are ultimately the person who joins this amazing staff, then this is the first of many conversations that we will have together.  It's awesome to think about all of the future brainstorming sessions and all the times we will have together reflecting on God's incredible blessings.  You will come to discover the beautiful heart and incredible talent that each staff member has at Highlands.  You will come to love their families and you will grow to value their friendship and support.  Together we will be your friends and co-conspirators, dreaming about bringing God's love to more of our neighbors.  

Remember, if you're reading this and thinking "I'm not sure that I qualify", remember that Moses said the same thing when God called him into leadership. One of the greatest indicators that a person is truly ready for leadership is that they feel inadequate to the challenge before them.  You are ready.  You are prepared.  So, I congratulate you and encourage you as you apply for this job and step out in faith.  This is the beginning of a incredible new journey for you in your life!!!


James Baird

Lead Pastor