A time to draw closer

We know you are trying your best to navigate the current CoronaVirus closures and to find a way to maintain balance. Because of this, we will work to help this be a time of growth and increasing spiritual health for you and your loved ones. What if you could become closer to your loved ones and closer to God? What better time to open the Bible more regularly and use this time to connect with your family.

What can I expect?

Highlands Church worship services at our campus in Paso Robles are temporarily postponed and moved online due to the coronavirus. We hope that you come to our campus when the CDPH (California Department of Public Health) indicates it is safe to do so again.

Our online services will be just like services on Sunday mornings. You can access our live services through our home page by clicking here and following this link.

WHAT About my kids?

During the CoronaVirus closures, we will be providing content and resources for you to share with your children.  We believe that kids should have a blast at church every single week and we believe that this can also be true for your home church experience during this temporary CoronaVirus closure.  At Highlands Church Kids, we have always made your kids a priority and will continue to do so.