Students @ Highlands

Highlands Church has a growing community of 6th-12th grade students. From winter camps at Hume Lake, to pool parties, paintball, and mission trips abroad, we know how to have fun, build friendships, and encourage students to live out their faith in Jesus the Christ. 

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SUNDAY experience

6:30pm Every Sunday

All Students 6th-12th grades

At Highlands Church

This is an amazing time of celebration and fun for all kids in middle school and high school.

middle school

Grades 6 - 8 

Weekly Meeting: Sundays 6:30-8pm

We know that Middle School students need a place to connect with other students, talk about their lives and issues that concern them, and be challenged to grow as Jesus-followers. On Sunday nights each week, middle school students have fun in a dynamic large-group experience, as well as small groups where they will meet with others along with leaders who provide guidance and encouragement.

high school

Grades 9 - 12

Weekly Meeting: Sundays 6:30-8pm

High School students have intense dreams, fears, friends and relationships. We help students embrace the journey and succeed by learning to love themselves, God and others. 


This is an experience for high schoolers with a relevant message, fun activities, and make friends.