Prayer Shawl

What is a Prayer Shawl?

A warm, soft shawl knitted or crocheted, that is given to a person who is ill, has suffered a loss or is in the midst of a crisis. They can also be given in times of celebration, for example the birth of a child.

Interested in learning how to knit or crochet?

We can teach you!

Don't knit or crotchet?

We would love for you to still be involved!

Ways to be involved:

  • Donate yarn (800-1,000 yards or 6 skeins)
  • Donate to help purchase yarn and gift bags
  • Donate a gift card to Michael's Arts. & Crafts store
  • Prayer for those receiving shawls
  • Suggest names of people to receive shawls  

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets weekly at 9:30am on Tuesday's downstairs at Highlands Church. The first hour includes a bible study. At 10:30 am we crochet and knit the prayer shawls. Most of the work on the shawl is done at home, at your leisure, with no deadline. For more information contact Bev Neal at 805-227-4290 or email her.