Highlands Kids

(Age 0 yrs – 5th Grade)

Highlands Kids is a safe and secure environment for each child. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and supervised, and a stringent security process for all kids provides parents the assurance that their child is being well-cared for during the Sunday Services. In the same way that the adult worship service here at Highlands has been specifically designed for you, we’ve done the same for your child. We endeavor to make your children's time here the best hour of their week because the future of the church depends on effective ministry to children today.


Highlands Kids teaches The Gospel Project For Kids (by LifeWay).
The Gospel Project tells a single story – the story of Jesus and His mission to seek and save the 'lost.'  This curriculum guides children on a three-year chronological journey through the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, to encounter Jesus and learn the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. 

The goal is for kids to know Jesus more, not for them to know more about Jesus. We want kids to develop a true personal relationship with God, to love Him as He loves us. We also aim to build understanding about the story of salvation and to discover God's missionary heart. In discovering God's heart, kids will love God more, love others like God does, and become lights for Jesus in our world.


  1. Christ-Centered Study – that helps kids understand all scripture from Genesis to Revelation.
  2. Chronological Study of the Bible – that shows kids the Bible is not just a collection of stories but one unified story of God's redemption.
  3. Missional Application – that helps kids understand how the Gospel empowers us to be outreach focused and mission driven.
  4. Age Alignment – that helps Highlands build age-aligned disciples and equips parents to lead spiritual conversations at home.
  5. Essential Doctrines – that help kids grasp the basics beliefs of the Christian faith.

Nursery: 6 months - 18 months

For our babies we have a nursery to hold and love on them. We have trained Highland Kids Staff to comfort and hold your baby while you enjoy our service here at Highlands. We find it extremely important that the same staff serve in the nursery so your baby/toddler is at ease with the familiarity of the same staff each week. 

Kiddlywinks: 18 months - 4 years

For our toddlers we have created bible lessons and activities that are age appropriate and relevant. We want your child to have fun and learn Jesus in an amazing exciting way. For your convenience and peace-of-mind, we provide pagers that you can take with you to worship. This allows our professional Highlands Kids crew to contact you at anytime. 

Junior Adventureland: Pre-K - 1st grade

For our pre-K to our young elementary we have Jr. Adventureland. Each week they learn a bible lesson that is age appropriate and relevant. Our curriculum incorporates active learning which involves teaching through experiences. We encourage them to explore their faith while partnering with the family to deepen their faith journey. 

Adventureland: 2nd grade - 5th grade

For kids ages 8-11 we have an awesome space to make Sunday the best day of your Preteens week. The Highlands Kids staff there each Sunday to engage, instruct and encourage kids to make Jesus their forever friend. We are thankful that we can be a part of each of their journey. 

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