This year, Highlands invites you to pull up a chair and experience Christmas in 1917. Join us as we explore the Christmas story in a new context, focus our hearts on the birth of Jesus, and experience this good news of great joy.


Make your way to the lawn before or after service where kids can ride a coal-fired steam train around 70 feet of track! Before service starts, 0-K kids can be dropped off downstairs for Adventureland, where they will celebrate Christmas Eve with their peers. All other kids will remain with their parents upstairs.


We are offering free Early Admission passes on this event page for you to reserve seats for you and your guests. If you have a pass, you must arrive 15 minutes or sooner before the service you are attending with printed or virtual proof of your pass, or your seat reservation may be given up. You do not need to claim a pass to attend any of our services, but doing so will ensure you a seat. All additional non-reserved seats will become open to the public 15 minutes before each service. 

By offering Early Admission passes, we hope to be able to welcome more new visitors and create a comfortable experience for everyone.


This year, we have something for everyone! In addition to the coal-fired steam engine for the kids, we will also be showcasing a Model T Ford and vintage cars outside. Inside, enjoy a tasty cup of hot chocolate and the warm glow of candlelight during service. Everyone will receive a candle to light during service. 

You're invited

We would be honored to have you join us for one of ourChristmas Eve Services.

Please become part of our Outreach effort right now by following the link to our Early Admission Passes and sharing it with a friend through email or Facebook.  We want everyone to hear the words, "You're Invited."


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