Spring Series

What does it mean to be WILD? What's the difference between surviving and thriving? Just as a blue whale belongs in the ocean, we also have a natural habitat where we thrive. We are meant to enjoy life with God and those around us. There, we find our purpose, our identity, and our happiness. Join us this Spring as we learn what it means to be WILD, and also meet some furry surprise guests!

Along with other new small groups, we will be launching some new five-week-long men's small groups that will walk through the first five chapters of a great book called Wild at Heart.  This book features ideas and themes that are great for spurring lively conversations about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. The groups will take place at various times throughout the week to accommodate the varying schedules of men at Highlands.

Wild is all about breaking free of those things that have been confining us. We are not that much different than a wild animal that has been caged. Have you ever seen all of the painstaking work that goes into reintroducing an animal to the wild? But, there is no greater joy than seeing an animal discovering the limitless potential of being free for the first time. That's what Jesus does for us. Jesus releases us into the life that we were always designed to live. It is a life of adventure and it is one that, when experienced, is so obviously what God intends for us.

The 'Wild' small groups will last for five weeks and will follow the 'Wild' sermon series as we discuss the themes and ideas presented through each message and how it might apply to our lives. Most of all, the wild small groups will introduce you to new friends and neighbors.

Visit the 'Wild' Animals

One of the things that will make the Wild series so much fun on Sunday mornings is that there will be regular surprise visits from 'furry' friends. There is something so wonderful about looking in the eyes of an animal that helps us all to reconnect with God our creator.

Tell your friends about all the fun that is happening at Highlands through the Wild series and invite them to come and see what all the fuss is about :-)